Saturday, November 5, 2011

C4K Summary October

The first student I had this month was Tiffany. She did not have any actual blog post just pictures and some animation. She is young and had put a lot in to her blog that she could. I told her that I liked her page and its many colors and all of her pictures. Dr. Strange wrote in our assignment to tell them something about the United States. I thought about this and thought that for her age I would tell her about Disney World. I told her how amazing it was and if she got the chance to come to the United States that it is a must.
The next week I had two students to comment on, the first student I had was Tabbey. I got her name from the name generator they had on their classroom blog. Tabbey had recorded a project of her and a fellow student Peyton. In their project they set a timer on an iPhone to see how long it took to chew up bubble gum. It was very cute. I told her that next time they should try to have someone video them so they did not have to pass the video back and forth. Her blog was put together very well.
In that same week I was assigned Raymond from the same science class. Raymond seemed to LOVE science. He had graphs, and pictures galore. He is a 12 year old boy and has a very strong love for animals. He talked about animals in his blog and had a ton of pictures of them. I really like Raymond's blog it was very colorful and he did an amazing job.

The following week I and a few others had Ty, Hailee, Payton, and Cole. Wow they were some cool kids! They had an assignment to create their own animal after reading about Flat Stanley. I had a Flat Stanley project on year. It was so much fun. We got to take our Flat Stanley everywhere and take pictures. Oh how the imagination is so grand! Ty created a Choth, a Choth is a mixture between a Cheetah and a Sloth. He described his Choth as having a body of a Cheetah and legs of a Sloth. Hailee created a Girafhant. Yep a Giraffe and an Elephant. She described her Girafhant having the legs of a giraffe and the body of an elephant, but with the neck of a giraffe as well. Payton created a more house friendly pet, a Catdake. Which is a mixture of a cat and dog. She said it had the body of a cat and the head of a dog. Lastly Cole created a Chipliz. A Chipliz is a combination of a Chimp and a Lizard. He said his animal has the body of a lizard with the legs of a chimp. I wonder if I could have come up with one of these animals at their age. It was so much fun to try to picture these animals in my head. You can without a doubt see that these were the minds of children a few reasons were because when they had to described what their animal did during the day the most common things among them were that all the animals LOVED ice cream! Every child talked about ice cream. They also talked about how their animals jumped on the trampoline with them and took naps. This was a very creative project and I enjoyed it.
In the last week I had a history class in Portland, Oregon. I can admit that I was a little confused on which post we were to comment on so I picked one from their class blog. Their class blog was amazing! They are high school students and seemed to have been working with Blogger for a while. The post I chose to comment on was the introduction to Learning about the Reformation. This post was written by Lucy, she opened an introduction perfectly. She talked about how going in to the subject she could recall vague memories of what they were about to be learning she said " I was almost clueless. At that point, I had a few vague memories of this topic from history books in years past, involving a man nailing a paper to the door of a church." She then went on to talk about how much they were learning, what they were expecting and so on. The students blog was very thought out and neat they had all the authors (students) links to each post and many pictures to guide you through that period of history. 

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