Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post #13

Dr. Strange this is by far my favorite assignment! I chose Option 1 because, I am a Secondary Education and History major and planning on getting my Masters in Geography. I was in International Studies in high school for four years and loved it we had to be very familiar with our countries. I had never heard of WolframAlpha or google/squared. When I looked up to see the what percentage the United States population is in China's population I was kind of frightened, we are 22.8% of China's population. So just to see I reversed it. To make China's population we would have to increase 439%. Wow! That is scary when you think of everything that can happen. I am addicted to WolframAlpha now. I then looked up the United States population compared to India. We are 25.4% of India's population. Which is still very scary. In high school I did a paper on the World Water Crisis. In my research for that paper I learned that New Delhi, India is predicted to be completely out of groundwater by 2017. Then what? This is why history is so important to me. I feel that if we do not know where we have been we won't know where we are going! This information totally reiterated everything we learned from the video Did you Know? We have to do something or else I feel we are doomed. We don't need to catch up with their populations but we do need to be more competition than what we are. If not they will have our jobs, our schools will be taught what they are taught, our businesses ran by them and last by not least our money going to them. I will without a doubt be using WolframAlpha in my classroom. I think it is a great tool. I feel my students will be able to look up the country we are currently studying and be able to relate to it more and get a better understanding of what we are talking about. Thank you so much for introducing this to us.


  1. I really like your post. It really just taught me a lot from this short time I've read it. I knew that China had more people than us but I didn't know it was to that extreme. The statement about the water is also shocking. I think this is a great post. Great work

  2. Wow I really enjoyed reading your post. I can tell that you have put a lot of thought into this assignment. It is scary to think how we are only 22.8 percent of China's population and 25.4 percent of India's population. I also enjoyed watching the video's as well. Keep up the great work!