Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K Part 1 Mrs. Yollis' Blog

I believe it is safe to say that Mrs. Yollis' Blog is the best blog that I have ever seen! I loved it! She is doing so much with her students! I saw in reading her blog that they do post for everything. Mrs. Yollis finds a way to fit technology in to every subject and I admire that. Not every teacher can do that. I can not believe how many people her blog has tracked and from so many countries! That is amazing!!! She really is an amazing teacher and I know her students will remember her forever! Third grade is very impressionable on a student. I remember third grade very well and that I had a great teacher! My sister teaches third grade in Mississippi and was awarded teacher of the year I believe it was two years ago. She loves third grade and has so much fun with her students but she does not have a blog anything like Mrs. Yollis'. I am actually going to pass her blog to my sister to see if she can get any ideas. I love the videos and how much the students get involved. I am so thankful that we are learning all of this now so we can use it in the future.

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