Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class and
Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

Thank you so much for this video I thought it was great! All the students knew so much about technology. They talked about their blogs, wikis, Skype and more. You can see they are all doing a wonderful job learning everything there is to know about technology. I admire Ms. Cassidy in all that she is doing with her students. I saw that the students were using the SMART Board, this is something that I want to do with my classroom. Even though I am planning on teaching in the Middle to High School level most students like to "mess" with the board, computer, or overhead projector. I think that using a SMART Board is a great way to get students involved in what they are learning. When I was in high school my Forensic Science class used Skype (or something like it, I am not to sure) to talk to other Forensic classes. Our class was the only one in the county at the time, so we talked with other classes in the state to see what they were doing and sometimes to help us solve our cases we were working on. I think that she is doing a great job preparing them for the future in school, as well as in their lives. She seems to have approached every angle of technology she can for their young age and has done amazing. They probably know more about technology and computers than most adults. I feel safe trusting them with our future for society. In her Skype interview with Dr. Strange I like how she talked about the way she addresses the fact of keeping the children's identities hidden. That is a very clever way to still be able to post their work online by not matching pictures up with names and only using the student's first name. Because first graders do not understand with their names and pictures can not be online, at that age they want it to be. They want the credit. I thought both videos were great. I am going to try to use her interview as an example for my Skype interview.


  1. I also enjoyed watching Ms. Cassidy's classroom video and Skype interview. I hope my classroom kids will be able to use technology like her kids do. As you said, kids love "messing" with the board or overhead projector, no matter how old they are. Ms. Cassidy made some great points in her Skype interview with Dr. Strange and answered some questions that I had about blogging in the classroom with kids.

  2. It's really neat that your forensic class Skyped other classes! Skyping another class has many possibilities to keep all the students involved. Great job.