Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post #12

The assignment that I have chosen to create is very simple. I think that it is one that we should have done in the very beginning of class. As we have all learned in EDM310 a lot of assignments have to be completed on a Mac. There is just no way around it. For many PC users like myself, those days were like learning Chinese. I have found two similar videos on how to use a Mac. Both of these videos just start with the basics. First the video PC to Mac: The Basics shows the difference between a PC and a Mac. The video starts with the Finder application and compares it to the Start menu on a PC. This video then compares the Dock on a Mac to the Windows task bar, showing a comparison each time helps out because you then have something to relate to. The next video I have is How to use a Mac- Guided Tour this video starts out with explaining all of the applications on the Dock. After the video goes through the applications and gives a quick guide to the Finder app it talks about connecting printers, cameras and more. Once you know the basics of a Mac it makes it much easier to operate things such as iMovie. Everything starts with the basics. I think a good assignment would be to watch these videos or others like it maybe something a little more in depth and then demonstrate something that you have learned on the Mac. This will do a few things; one, show that the student watched the videos, two, show they learned something and three, for most of the class they would have to go in to the lab. 

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