Sunday, October 30, 2011

Summary C4T October

This month I had the blog Langwitches
by Silvia Tolisano I enjoyed reading her post. The first post I read by Ms. Tolisano was an outline on how to have a great blog. She breaks it down into steps on where someone needs to start on a blog, what you need to know before you start a blog and so on. She said in the first blog that this is going to be a few week process. In her outline she starts with the basics; Reading, Writing, Commenting, Connecting, Reciprocation, Consistency and Quality. Her outline was very helpful. Her outline talks about how teachers need to be prepared before they start blogging. They need to read other blogs to understand the basics of how to write a successful blog. Here is a little of what Mrs. Tolisano had to say about reading;

Part I- Reading
As teachers, we need to be aware of  blogging potential in relationship to learning. We need to formulate and address intended student learning outcomes beyond checking off “technology integration” on our lesson plans. Becoming an avid blog reader of a variety of other blogs will help expose teachers to the potential blogging holds. As we read blogs regularly, the better we will become in RECOGNIZING learning opportunities, GAGING the quality (or lack) of our own students’ blogs.
This part will include sample blogs for different grade levels and subject areas to give teachers a head start in finding quality examples.

The second post I read by Mrs. Tolisano is the beginning of the steps. It is about reading. She stresses that teachers need to read other blogs to learn what is to be expected for a successful blog. She says to have a blog you must first become an avid blog reader. She gives many examples of blogs to start with to become a reader. Mrs. Tolisano then talks about how to find quality post, so that you are not lead in the wrong direction reading poor post. Lastly she breaks down the basics on what you need to know if you are an Elementary teacher, Math, Science, History, English and so on. She even talks about what you need to know for a Librarian. I really enjoyed Mrs. Tolisano's blog and look forward to more of what she has to say. 

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  1. Don't forget links. Mrs. Tolisano's first and second post are very similar. They seem very helpful, though!