Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Post #9

First I read Mr. Joe McClung's post from May 27, 2009
  What I've Learned This Year (2008-09). I thought this would be a great place to start since it was his first year. The first year has to be the best but yet scariest time of your life! It is the moment you have worked up to for years then you realize it is fly or fall. I really enjoyed this first post. I could see that Mr. McClung grew as a teacher in that first year. I know that there will be triumphs and I know there will be time when I fail. I feel that seeing that it happened to someone I do not know puts mind my at ease knowing that it is a learning process for even the teacher that I am not the only one that will make mistakes. I think the most important part was that he talked about listening to the students and understanding them. How well you teach, in reality is not decided by our superiors but by our students. I think that his post will really help us understand how our first year will be like. Having the tools and guidance to move forward makes all the difference in the world.
Then I read Mr. McClung's post from June 23, 2011 What I Learned This Year (2010-11). His second post was also amazing! Reading it I can see how he has matured in to an amazing teacher. I like how he shows from one post to the next that no two years are the same. In this post he talks more about being a teacher and your adult  responsibilities rather than basing it about the students. I like this because he has now given us a very rounded look on teaching. What I got out of this the most was the paragraph on "Don't touch the Keyboard" That is something everyone struggles with at one point or another. You see it would just be easier to just do it and think you are showing them when really you are not teaching them how to do it at all. I have had a major issue with this with my grandfather and his cell phone. I feel it is much easier for me to just do it, and it is. But in the end he hasn't learned anything.
I loved this post. Thank you again Dr. Strange.


  1. Brittany, don't forget links to the blogs!

  2. Hey Brittany, Good summary of Mr. McClung's blog post. I also liked the part about "Don't Touch the Keyboard" because it can be difficult to step back and allow someone to learn something without stepping in and just doing the work for them. I think you could have gone a little more in depth with you summaries talking more about what Mr. Mcclung learned in those years of teaching and also like Jacey-Blair noted don't forget to add links in your blog.