Sunday, October 9, 2011

C4T Summary of Steve Anderson

I had the pleasure of following Steve Anderson and his blog, Blogging about the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom. The first blog post I read was "Some Google Searches You Might Not Know About" I learned more about Google than I even thought was possible. Mr. Anderson broke the blog down into Google Books, Google Blog Search, Google Scholar, and Google Patent Search, he also has a link to so much more. Google Patent Search? Wow, I did not know that even existed. My favorite part from this post is Google Books. I looked up some of my books I needed for this semester and there they were, free as can be. I thought it was amazing. I will definitely be giving Google Books a try next semester before I buy my books.
The second post I had by Mr. Anderson was about Steve Jobs. Mr. Anderson posted Steve Jobs 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford. I have seen this video many times and like I said in my comment on Mr. Anderson's blog, every time I watch the video I don't know if I learn something new, fall in love with it more or both. Steve Jobs was an amazing person. I hate that he passed away I feel like his work wasn't done. His inventions changed everything. Our lives were touched in so many ways. For instance, my iPhone I love my iPhone it is my second one and I will be getting the iPhone4s next month. I am so excited thank you Steve Jobs. In his speech he talks about his life. How he was adopted, and his birth mother wanted him to go to college and he went to college but dropped out after six months. The crazy part is that he still went to college. He just sat in, he talks about how he sat in a calligraphy class and that when he was designing for Apple that the class came back to him. He talks about he used everything he learned and made different fonts for the computer he then made a joke about how Windows copied everything they did and that if he hadn't dropped out he wouldn't have taken that class and PC's may not have ever had fonts. Crazy stuff. He talks about how we need to live our lives for ourselves that we do not have much time it is a very touching speech and I suggest everyone watch it.

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  1. I also am a huge Apple fan, and always have been. I am glad that you found your c4t assignment so interesting! In your posts, watch out for run-on sentences, it got kind of confusing to read at the end!