Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sir Ken Robinson:The Importance of Creativity

This has been my favorite video so far! I have never heard of Sir Ken Robinson, oh my gosh he is so funny! During this video I could not help to take notes, I wanted to remember everything he said so that I can share this with others, I wrote two pages. The video was filmed in 2006 and in the beginning of the video he talks about how children that started school that year would retire in 2065 now children that started this year will retire in 2070. How do we prepare them for a life that we wont even be here to see? We can't. But we can give them the skills to learn along the way so that they will know how to change with the world. I believe that is the most important trait among man kind. The ability to adapt, the world changes everyday. Why should't we? He says that kids will take a chance, they are not afraid to be wrong but by the time they become adults they are taught it is not okay to be wrong and we take less chances. Fear is not an instinct we are born with, its developed. Why should we teach children to be scared to take a chance? Its okay to be wrong, that is why its called learning you learn from mistakes.

Sir Ken Robinson made a very interesting point when he said that schools around the world teach the same, even though we know schools around the world beat us academically. They do teach the same we are just lazy as a unit. He says that the curriculum is Mathematics, Language, Humanities then the Arts. When a school needs to do a budget cut they don't start with sports its the Arts. They cut out new band equipment and Art projects. Education can kill creativity. Art is a language, when you can not speak to someone you can show them. Even back to caves thousands of years ago, they had no written language so they drew. They told their stories in pictures. I thought his jokes about Shakespeare were incredibly funny I like how he brought humor into such a serious subject. Humor always keeps an audience interested. When he talked about Gillian Lynne, he showed that she was an exception of the "We do not grow into creativity we are educated out of it." Now more so than ever children are put on medication to get them to sit down and listen. Do we think about what we might be destroying inside? If Gillian Lynne would have left that room that day being told she had a learning disability think how much would have changed in the art world today? How different Broadway would be? This video was amazing. I hope to see more of his videos.


  1. Sir Ken Robinson is my favorite educator of all time! I am a avid supporter of the arts, so I am always refreshed to hear his opinion about creativity in children today. I can tell that you liked hearing from him, so I urge you to take this message to heart and always make your classroom a place that promotes creativity in everyone!
    However, the beginning of your last paragraph was a bit confusing. What were you trying to say? Make sure to proofread your posts for grammatical errors, it can get the best if anyone!

  2. Brittany,
    This was my favorite of the videos too! I had never heard of him, but he had so much to say and it was all true. He was easy to understand and had a great sense of humor.
    It's terrifying to think of where the United States ranks academically with the rest of the world. Like you, I will never understand why arts is the first place to make budget cuts. They are so important not only breeding creativity, but also in shaping well rounded individuals.
    Great post!