Saturday, September 3, 2011

Did You Know? 3.0 by Karl Fish and Scott McLeod

Wow!!! Is all I can say at first to that video! I have seen a video similar to it before and knew a few of the facts but it doesn't matter how many times you hear it, I can not believe the United States is falling that far behind! We have gotten so lazy and it seems that the generations tend to be getting worse. I definitely did not know that India has more honors students than we have children! How can that be? We are becoming so technologically based that if we do not catch up we can kiss World Super Power goodbye. All of the facts were so incredible even the fact that in the time that I watched the video 67 babies were born in the United States. I highly recommend the video Social Media Revolution Socialnomics 2011. It is just as amazing as this video!! With me becoming a History Teacher its a very scary thought to think how much the world will change between now and the time I become a teacher. The video says that technology doubles every year and by seeing the statistics about the United States and how soon China will be the number one English speaking country. Its scary, what will I be teaching? Will I be telling my students stories of how we once were the Super Power but we fell to far behind?

This video truly showed me the importance of being technologically literate. Just with the fact of how much technology and the world has changed since 2008 will blow your mind. As teachers we have to keep up. We actually have to be five steps in front! Because think about it, they said that a student getting a four year degree by their Senior year what they learned their first two years will be outdated. Being teachers we are preparing students for the future, so really we need to be teaching them two years ahead. Teaching students how to do jobs that don't yet exist is crazy I can not even wrap my head around that but they prove the point so loud and clear when saying that the top ten jobs in demand for 2010 did not exist in 2004! What? How are we moving so quickly? I think what got my mind thinking the most was B.G. What did we do before Google? I personally use Google I would say at least 15 times a day. If you can not find it on Google you might as well forget it. Its the same way with cell phones. First graders have cell phones, I can not imagine the future. But I also can not wait. Thank you so much Dr. Strange for sharing this video with us.


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  2. I agree!
    Please put your posts in one long post, much easier!
    I always find the facts in this video shocking, and perfectly in synch with the message that EDM 310 proclaims: technology is here to stay, so, let's use this wonderful tool to make our classrooms a more productive place for lifelong learning!