Friday, September 9, 2011

C4T Summary of Joe Dale

In Mr. Dale's first post that I read he talked about the benefits of Twitter. Mr Dale is a language teacher and talks about how important Twitter is with language skills and communicating with other countries in the world. He has videos and links to Twitter, Flickr, Peekr, Twittersheep and so many more things to do with Twitter. I clicked on a few of the links and they were all actually very interesting. He talks about how important it is for teachers to continue their professional development and what he has found is the best way is basically by Social Media, in this post he talks mostly about Twitter.
The second post I read by Mr. Dale was about a competition called The Language Perfect World Championships. This is an amazing competition with countries from all over the world. It last one week and in the first day students had answered 2.5 million questions. Mr Dale has been placed in charge for making sure that England brings home the trophy. I am interested in seeing how the United States does in the competition. I am going to be sure to ask him when the competition is over.

When I first looked at Mr. Dale's blog I did not know what to think. His blog is titled "Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom: Getting Personal at Language World 2011. I thought "Hmmmm, I need to look into this." Language, well grammar is not my strongest subject. But what I am learning from his blog is very interesting. He is much like Dr. Strange and has become a rather large fan of Twitter. I am still trying to figure out Twitter. He actually wrote me encouraging me to enhance my Twitter skills and use it now and in the future with my career. He shows in his blog how much Twitter has helped him learn from all over the world and how much you could learn from Social Media. In Mr. Dale's second post talking about The Language Perfect World Championships I had to admit to him that I was embarrassed that I have never heard of the competition. I wished him good luck for England in the competition. I also hope that the United States does well.


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  2. Brittany, I enjoyed reading your post regarding Joe Gale's blog. Starting by providing the topic in which Mr. Gale's blog discussed helped me gain understanding from the beginning. You did a great job providing your viewers with background knowledge of why Mr. Gale feels his topic is important enough to discuss. One thing I felt could have helped the reading flow a little better would be watching the usage of the word "and". I personally have a hard time with this same thing. I have to really watch myself, I through in the word "and" in almost every sentence! One thing I do to help me with this simple mistake is I reread two or three sentence together and see if "and" is truly an essential word to the sentence before posting. I preview and read my post aloud to catch grammatical errors such as forgetting to add an "s" or "ed" to the end of a word. I often skip over my misspelled word even after reading aloud simply because it is my writing and I read it how I think it would be. I try to keep full focus on the actually words on the screen making sure I spelled them correctly and not just how I say them. Overall I think you provided your reader with a great amount of information about Mr. Gale and did a great job!