Sunday, December 4, 2011

C4T Summary of Jennifer Brokofsky

Mrs. Brokofsky is a Math teacher. I am horrible at math!! I have actually learned about some math types that I think will even help me now. I  have never been good at math and it was really nice to learn some things that will help me now. The first post I read by Mrs. Brokofsky she talks about teaching can some times be like driving a car. We can not just drive the car ourselves she says "Teachers are very skilled in I do it (I’ll drive) and You do it alone (You’re in the vehicle alone) phase, but it is the middle two phases We do it and You do it together that we need to focus more attention on. “We do it” is like sharing the wheel with the students" This stuck out for sure! I think this will be great for any teacher this is probably one of the most important tools that a teacher can have. Her next post she talks about an assignment that she didn't do well with as a student and then used the assignment with her students. Which is something to think about. Don't do something that you see failed, try a new route. I really enjoyed her post.

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